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Creating a custom page listing brands with dynamic images and logic usingLiquid.

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Taking a Custom Approach


Client needed a custom page to list all the brands their store sold, in a clean and clear way. Unfortunately Shopify does not support a list output like that natively, and required a custom coding solution. The client requested a way to show brand logos on the page without sacrficing the UX. The end result is a flexible, responsive grid containing logos representing each specific brand. Hover effects further improve readability and mitigate potential SEO loss, by displaying the brand text in plain HTML.

An image showing the custom brands page we created.

A wide range of logo configurations shown. Including Black and White.


The project ended up requiring considerebly more custom coding to account for missing images or duplicates. Because we had to cycle through all store categories and match them up with specific vendors, we needed to write custom logic to sort out the extras. This step was necessary as Shopify lumps all product brands and categories into one collectionarray. We needed to create default graphics and logic to account for missing brand images, to avoid broken links.

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