Lubie Roofing

Designed a custom website with job board, custom project tracker, SEO page generator and marketing strategy.

Modernizing an Established Brand


This project allowed us to work with an already established brand that was severely lacking an online presence. This was resulting in a significant stunt to growth and a large number of lost customers. Creating a user friendly, powerful and completely custom website made it possible for the business to expand online, and finally target a much larger range of customers. With a local customer area, we could focus our SEO efforts on Chicago-land instead of trying to win market share nationwide.


We started this project by focusing on the branding. Lacking a concrete logo allowed us to focus on creating a unified image for the business that can transfer to both print, graphics and online media. We created a color scheme that would look and feel consistent to matter the medium, while staying modern and clean looking.

The Logo

With the logo we wanted to create something that would be simple and easy to understand. With the client being in construction, we had to make the logo look consistent on a business card, website and side of a truck. This meant that the logo had to convey the business industry at first glance, without requiring additional reading or research.

To achieve this, we used the first letters of the business name to create an icon. Using the letters natural shapes we were able to create a shape loosely resembling a house and a roof. This allowed us to reduce clutter on potential marketing materials, as the logo made the business industry easy to comprehend.

Web Site

Using the logo as the basis, we created the website by incorporating bold, high contrast colors to convey messages. Using the dark blue color found in the logo, as the main theme color allowed us to create a modern feel in our typography, focus elements and images.

Custom Solutions

During the project our team was tasked with creating a custom application for the business to use to track leads, and convey job statuses to customers. This resulted in us adding a 'Project Tracker' to the website that allowed customers to view what step their job was on, and reduce customer service expenses, by offering answers to frequently asked questions for each particular step. On the back end, we focused on connecting the tracker to our custom built leads app, that allowed employees to keep all relevant customer information in one place.

In order to achieve a seamless experience, we used the Google Geolocation API to automatically pin information to project locations and storing everything in a central database. This allowed both customer and employee access to information, and increasing transparency and customer satisfaction.


This project allowed us extensive freedom with both branding and design, letting us focus on creating a modern product centered on a very specific user base. Creative custom components, allowed the business to have a seamless way to both reduce customer service costs, increase customer satisfaction and streamline the customer acqusition and sales process.

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