Drops of Vapor

A full project built from the ground up. Logo work, web design, custom app development, marketing strategies and perpetual support.

Dozen Pixels Plus Drops of Vapor

Building a Brand, Business and Online Store


With this massive project, there were multiple smaller projects that needed to be completed before the whole thing could come together. We had to do a full business development suite, including creating custom branding, establishing an online presence, finding the right target market and audience, develop a marketing and advertising strategy and establish a customer service base. This required multiple teams working together on graphics, writing custom code, researching the industry, and exploring potential advertising avenues. Total turnaround time from start to completion was 6 month.


The first issue was to tackle the branding. Since this was a startup, there was no existing branding to build off of, so we had to start from scratch. This involved researching the customer demographics to determine a specific style.

The Logo

In order to begin development on a website, marketing materials and social media profiles we needed a logo. This required using our research of the companies potential customer audience to design something that would be appealing and eye-catching. Since the audience was 21-32 year-old, males, we decided to go with a modern, almost spray paintedtypographic logo. Below is the progress of our logo mockups.

An image showing the changes in logos that Dozen Pixels designed for Drops of Vapor

Logo concepts in order from left to right. Right being the final version. (Some variations excluded)

With the logo finalized we could begin work on a style guide and the website.


The website itself was the biggest hurdle in this entire project. Since this was an eCommerce business the platform we chose had to be flexible, modern and easy to maintain. Because of these constraints we decided to go with theShopify platform. The templating language was simple to read and understand and would keep maintenance costs low in the long term.


With the platform chosen, design work could begin. Using the style guide we created in an earlier step. Making a style guide is critical in most design work, because it gives us the ability to maintain consistency between teams to reduce bottlenecks.

Going with a muted color scheme allowed us to be more creative with the websites overall appearance. We were able to use the vibrant product images and display banners to guide visitors view to the sections we wanted them to see. Since the product being sold came in a lot of brightly colored packaging, the pictures stood out on nearly every page. Continuing with the simple, limited color choices we designed the website product pages to showcase the items themselves. Using oversized images we were able to create a modern looking website perfectly suited for the demographic.

An example of a Dozen Pixels designed Product Page

Clean design featured on Product Pages. Oversized image with complementing text and ordering info.

Getting the website design finalized allowed us to focus on other areas to begin finishing up the project. Social media accounts still had to be established with graphics reflecting the websites design choices.

Social Media

Establishing a unified social media presence required coordinated work from our design teams and marketing. This required graphics to be created specifically targeted to the social media network, to maximize return. Creating automated feeds with featured product posts was essential to jump start the site, and allow the SEO team to get to work.


Once the groundwork of the website was established, and in conjunction with the advertising team, we could begin work on getting the website properly indexed, compliant and searchable. Our web developers had to customize the way our pages appeared to google, to ensure the proper information is being displayed and shown. Using modern techniques of prioritizing content over keywords, we focused on writing blogs that directly correlated with the business and products, as well as publishing specific information to Socia Media feeds, to ensure maximum exposure. This allowed us to quickly gain ground in search rankings and build a foundation for future SEO efforts.

Marketing and Advertising

The last major hurdle to overcome was getting an advertising campaign going. Due to the nature of the product sold, we were severely limited with avenues we could pursue. Since traditional methods like Google and Bing ads were unavailable, we instead focused on retargeting. This technique allowed us to use the solid SEO foundation we developed, to market our products to existing site visitors. This created higher conversion rates and reduced the cost of future SEO work.


Taking on a major project like this was a huge learning opportunity. Because the product and business limited the advertising avenues available, we had to get creative and focus instead on retaining visitors. This technique had a slower start time but resulted in a much more rewarding and affordable product. Creating a universal design and style guide was essential to the final success, resulting in a contract for ongoing maintenance and upkeep with the client.

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