Dozen Pixels

Inject some life into an outdated logo to better match our brand identity.

Dozen Pixels Logo Update

Revitalizing a Dated Logo


Let's be honest, our logo didn't age as well as we had originally intended. The colors became rather muted as modern design styles went in a more vibrant and rich direction. The simplicity of the logo itself resulted in some branding issues when trying to incorporate a typescript. Proposed solution was to update the colors of the logo and develop a typescript to go along with the main logo icon.

Outlining the Requirements

To begin, let's take a look at our requirements for this project. We have a few must-haves and a couple of optional points.

  • Must-Haves
  • Logo Flexibility
  • Multiple Versions and Styles
  • Branded Colors
  • More Legible Design
  • Optional
  • Geometric Design
  • Use the 12 pixel idea from the original P logo

Design Process

We figured that the best way to approach this project is to build off of what the original logo had. Simplicity and creativity were key, and we decided to start with a geometric approach. This would give the logo symmetry, and easier for a viewer to interpret. Biggest issue however was the inherent problem of being too simple. The square elements in the original P logo did not allow for much flexibility and would have to go. The ideal solution was to use an equilateral triangle. This specific triangle allowed for maximum flexibility and shape building that this project required.

Once the basic shapes came to life, we were able to focus on the next major problem of the original, the color scheme. We decided to go with a gradient color, to add a modern and casual twist to the final design. The triangle shapes allowed for flexibility and gradual color changes that were required.

The end result of the icon were able to meet multiple requirements we originally planned out. The icon had a geometric design, branded colors and was very flexible. Using the triangles allowed us to stay within the 12 pixel idea contraint as well, as we were able to build our shapes using 48 triangles; each triangle representing one fourth of a pixel.

Finishing Up

To end the project, we decided to play around with positioning and text. The idea behind having multiple versions of the logo was to have it feel more natural depending on the backdrops. The resulting designs can be seen below.

An image showing the end result with multiple logo versions.

A wide range of logo configurations shown. Including Black and White.


The above was a very rewarding project, that resulted in a new and modern logo. The final product allowed for major custimzation and color adjustments that can be made to better fall inline with any potential use-case.

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