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Small Business Web Design For The Modern World

Current trends are leading away from over exposing the user to an abundance of information and instead focus on limiting what you see and interact with. This increases responsiveness, speed and user interaction, leading to increased traffic, engagement and search presence.

Development | Apr 26, 2017 |  4 min read

Fixing Url Issues when Using PHP include()

One of the best features of PHP is its ability to use the built-in include() function to add snippets of code to your web page. The function works great when you're writing out the relative paths, but you start to notice obvious limitations. Specifically the need to constantly adjust the path to navigate out of folders and subfolders.

Development | Jan 26, 2017 |  4 min read

Automatically add Default Images to Shopify Products

Shopify is a great eCommerce platform due to its ease of use and fairly customizable, yet simple language. There are, of course, limitations to Liquid, just like any other language, but it overcomes those with its fairly low learning curve. One of the best ways to get a feel for a new language is to dive right in, with a simple project. And that's exactly what we're going to take a look at here.

Development | Jan 10, 2017 |  6 min read

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