Tips to Figure Out Your Target Audience

This one can be kind of tricky, but is a very necessary step to business success. Trying to sell your product or service to the wrong crowd will almost always result in poor sales and low customer satisfaction. So let's take a look at some ways we can figure out what market is relevant to our particular business.

Define Your Product

This one seems kind of simple but critical. Think about what exactly you are trying to sell. Are you offering a product or a service? This question doesn't always a clear defined answer. For example, let's assume we're a roofing installer. We don't manufacture the products we use, and we don't sell the directly to the consumer. We are instead offering a service. Now that we established what exactly we're selling we can focus on who might be interested.

Make an Educated Guess

You need a place to start, so why not keep it simple. Our roofing company should target homeowners, not renters or a lessee. Sure there may be exceptions, but we want to focus on the largest chunk of the customer base. Next step is to define a homeowner. We want to specifically look at Age, Marital Status, and Income, as those are things we can easily target and tweak with our marketing campaigns. We will only focus on age for the sake of simplicity.

Dozen Pixels Discover Your Target Audience Age Image Average age of home owners. Thanks to National Multifamily Housing Council for compiling the data.

According to the above data, almost 45% of homeowners are between the ages of 45 and 64. This is a great place to start, as it shows us what our potential customers will be. We can start researching what appeals to this specific age group, what they value in a company, and what the best way to reach them is.

Confirm Your Guess

Think you nailed it? Before investing further money into your educated guess, let's make sure it's right. We can do this by looking at search statistics for some general keywords on google. For example, we can look at who searches for chicago roofer. If those results fall in line with your initial guess, we can test it. The best way is to run a sample ad, using Facebook or Google AdWords. We can target our specific keyword, or group of keywords and limit it to the demographic we selected. Then make a few more ads with the same content and keywords to target the other demographics. Sit back and compare the results. This is a real world test, that is serving your ad to potential customers, so it tends to be pretty accurate.

Next Steps

Now that you confirmed your audience lets think of how we can use this information to generate revenue and sell our services. Having an audience figured out, we can look at setting up banner ads, physical marketing and retargeting with confidence, knowing that we are targeting the people needing our service. You can also use your target audience when designing your website. Certain designs appeal more to an older demographic while others can scare off potential leads. You also need to consider the other 55% of homeowners and make sure your marketing and website don't alienate them. The great thing about digital advertising is that you can customize creatives to target specific demographics, and necessarily have them overlap. This will allow you to target a wider range of customers while staying organized and keeping costs low.

Need Help?

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