Digital Marketing Paths to Success

There is nothing more directly related to business success than marketing. Great marketing can be the reason a business succeeds while competitors crash and burn. In the new age of online content and online media, Digital Marketing is king, with a low cost of entry and an unlimited potential for reward.

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What Exactly is Digital Marketing?

In short, it's the entire online presence of your business. Everything you do and everything you say when representing your business immediately becomes part of your marketing strategy. Whether it's a simple Facebook post or tweet, a blog post, or even an Online Advertisement, they each have their own impact on your business. Tha can be a bit overwhelming to think about at first, but it starts to sink in when you realize how quickly information can be absorbed and spread with the help of the internet. Your strategy from day one should be to target your audience effectively using any relevant medium.

Where Should I Start?

Build an organic audience, not just a website. There are potential customers out there that want to connect with you, and you should make yourself as available as possible. Customer interaction and good grace can go a long way, especially for a young business. Develop a bad reputation early on, and you may never see yourself turn a profit.

Social media is king. Your business should be represented on social media to create a connection with your customers. Creating a loyal following on social media is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to market and advertise your business. You can build a significant amount of hype around your business long before you are ready to push your product or service, ensuring immediate success and incoming revenue, all thanks to social media.

Have a website? Great! Still working on it? Not a problem. Even if your website isn't ready yet, you can start working on having it generate buzz. Add a coming soon page, with an option to subscribe to your newsletter. Any subscribers you get, become potential leads when you finally decide to open for business. Did I also mention that it's cheap? All you need is a few minutes, and some basic computer skills. There are plenty of drag and drop editors these days that will give you all the code and technology you need to collect emails, create content and send it out, sometimes even for free.

Don't get Lazy

With the easy parts out of the way, it's time to focus on the hard parts. You need to maintain everything you built. This means consistent and relevant updates and informative emails that explain your service or offer useful information to your subscribers. You have to keep your website up-to-date and publish high-quality content while still focusing on building up your business and delivering your products or services. If this doesn't seem overwhelming yet, then strap in. Online advertising is next.

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Reinvest in Advertising

Seeing cash start to roll in? Awesome! Let's make it grow. Online advertising, display advertising and retargeting are great ways to reach more customers and re-engage visitors. Advertising can get pretty costly, and it's important to understand how it works before jumping right in. CPC and CPM can skyrocket if you target too broad of an audience, or you can get low impression counts if you target too few. It's important to find the right balance and budget accordingly. It can also take a while before you start seeing results. New accounts have an uphill climb before they start seeing positive conversion ratios, as you have to build up your relevance and quality scores.

Creating high-quality text ads and creatives takes practice, but it is essential to get the most out of your investments. A good, targeted advertising strategy will pay for itself and almost always result in a profitable return.

What about SEO?

That dreaded acronym. Search Engine Optimization or more commonly knows as SEO, is a fantastic way to get your website, blog and online content to show up in front of potential customers. Yes, it's essential; No it's not something you should focus on right away. That statement could garner some harsh feedback but in my opinion, it should never be the first thing you focus on. Sure, ten or even five years ago, I would never say this, but now with search engines getting smarter and smarter, SEO has evolved as well. You no longer have to write content filled with keywords specifically targeted towards building up relevance for specific search terms, in fact, you shouldn't do it at all. Instead, you should focus on content that visitors would enjoy reading. Search algorithms changed, and now focus on how users interact with your site not just what keywords are stuffed into a block of text and hidden in meta tags.

All this doesn't mean you should completely ignore SEO, not at all. SEO should still be a major part of your business, your online presence, and your marketing strategy but not until your business is ready. The reason I say this is the price. SEO can be expensive, and it can be a long process with results you won't begin to see until months down the line. Good SEO builds on your existing online presence and further enhances it, incorporating your Social Media accounts. This can range from expanding on existing content or using analytics from your followers to get a more accurate view of your audience.

Need Help?

No problem. All this can be difficult to accomplish, especially while you're busy with day to day business. That's where Dozen Pixels comes in. We can take care of all your marketing needs. From managing your Social Media presence to creating an effective advertising campaign, we are here to help. Our services range from web design to marketing and consulting. Not sure where to begin? Get in touch and we can discuss your goals and business needs.

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